Service Manager: Jason Hamley, Blerion Toska

Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX)

Contact Center is an application that manages incoming calls to a phone number. For example, a main number for a department will ring into the contact center. The contact center is programmed, based on each departments needs and design, to give the caller information and options. If the option to speak with someone (known as an agent) is selected, the call will be sent to what is known as a queue, a method of sending the call to an available agent or if all agents are helping other callers, to put the caller on hold to wait for the next available agent. While on hold the caller can hear music on hold, get updates as to how many callers are ahead of them, or be provided other options, such as being able to leave a voicemail. Additionally, CCX offers supervisors the ability to see how many calls are in queue waiting for an agent and to add more agents if needed. CCX provides a large suite of live and historical reporting that departments can use to analyze calling patterns and needs. Also, the reports can be used to investigate caller complaints or complements. CCX uses a web based client known as Finesse to manage the calls to an agent’s phone. The phone can be a physical desk phone or a soft phone.
Available To All UConn Storrs departments and coming soon to regionals
Accessible From Accessible to any computer or tablet that supports current web browsers and can access the UConn network
Cost TBD – based on active license usage
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